The Problem

India’s economy is big and getting bigger and thus its infrastructure spending. Geo-Economic experts estimate that India will become the world’s third-largest economy by 2050. Ease of Doing business and simplification of government regulations and a deliberate strategy on the part of the Indian Government to promote infrastructure spells opportunity for Indian infrastructure sector. Nearly all of the infrastructure sectors present excellent opportunities, with roads and highways, ports and airports, railways , and power standing out as particular bright spots, with incredible sums of investment planned. And this is an incredible opportunity for Indian infrastructure companies.

Following these tremendous opportunities, a lot of Infrastructure EPC companies are looking to work on some of the very large & attractive Infrastructure projects in India or abroad. However, they are not able to meet either Technical Qualifications or Financial Qualifications of Qualifications Criteria’s of the projects as an Individual Company. To eliminate such difficulty, they are looking forward to Qualified International Companies to form a Joint Venture / Consortium with them and jointly meet the Qualification Criteria and apply for the project.

The Solutions

To ease out the above challenges, we have identified that Global Strategic Collaboration can bridge the gap of such problems of Indian Infra companies and offer a fantastic opportunity for a comprehensive tie-up to win projects and share the rewards. The entry of foreign Infra companies needs to be viewed as a positive development to add value and state-of-the-art technology to our infra projects. These foreign companies will bring with them greater expertise in areas of Infra construction technology, project management, project implementation, and monitoring expertise as well as technology transfer. The resultant benefits include savings in cost, time, and improved quality of works, to the benefit of Indian companies.

Our Approach

For Strategic Collaboration services of OpenSky, we have been working with leading Infrastructure Companies in India and helping them with Business Expansion, Investment Raising and Trade Relation activities. We are actively looking forward to establishing JV Solutions on the following sectors in particular - Petroleum & Energy, Roads & Highway (with expertise in Bridges & Tunnels), Airports & Logistics, Water Ports and Water Infrastructure, Smart City and Municipal Infrastructure